About Us

Project LTD

Project LTD is a full-service marketing and graphic design studio based in Salem, OR. Our focus is to strategically illuminate your business through digital and print mediums. We offer a suite of services and expertise including social media management, web design, as well as, digital and print design. As a boutique firm, personalization and passion drives every project with expedient attention.


We begin with a complete audit of your current efforts, identifying what’s working and what needs improvement. We get to know you; Your business, your goals, your vision of success, your strengths. In an integrated effort, a tailored marketing plan is then identified to meet your specific desires, needs and goals. Your marketing plan will employ the perfect culmination of marketing initiatives that strengthen your ROI.

Content Development

Developing content that speaks to your target market is paramount in any marketing strategy. Let us help craft web, brochure and social content that draws your clients to you. We focus on creating and publishing engaging content that provides tangible results to your bottom line.

Your Marketing Advocate

More than a consultant. The primary function of our company is to advocate for your brand by working in tandem with your expert personnel. You and your associates know the intimacies of your industry best. For that reason, our goal is to not consult you but guide you through the process of developing a marketing plan that produces the results you desire. Project LTD thrives on providing you the long-term tools to be self-sufficient in your marketing efforts.


A marketing plan is not complete with out counter balancing marketing metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Every action should accompany a metric to determine its success, without it, you’re working without intention. Project LTD, will offer your brand the perfect balance of creative and logic that your CFO will stamp with approval!