Logo & Brand Identity

Logo & Brand Identity

August 1, 2015 | Logo & Brand Identity

New Logo
Your Company’s logo is likely the first thing a potential customer notices about your business. It conveys your identity as a company and should represent the essence of who you are. We want your logo to be perfect.

Your logo will be representing your company on your website, your storefront, your business cards, billboards, apparel, promotional materials, social media and more. It should make you proud, and it should be developed by professional graphic designers in a creative process with your direct input and feedback.

We are passionate about the custom logos we create, and we know what is at stake for your business. We consider what kind of emotional attachments are subconsciously communicated through the use of images, shapes, lines, typography and color. We design logos that reinforce your values and convey your style. A great logo can take your company to new heights. A badly designed logo is a missed opportunity.

Let Project LTD develop a unique, unforgettable and meaningful logo and help your company stand out from its competitors.

Branding Guidelines

A consistent style among all branding for a business is extremely important. When a client looks at your brochure, letterhead, napkin, business card, tradeshow booth, etc., they should know who you are without reading your name. Project LTD will help you identify and formalize your branding guidelines to simplify your marketing efforts going forward.

Items to consider: font style, font size, colors, images, logo on dark/light backgrounds, etc.