Print Design

Don’t Discount Print Materials Just Yet!

The power of a tangible promotional piece that speaks to your company’s capabilities using smart content and intriguing images still resonates with a large demographic. With an increasingly media-desensitized consumer base, promotional print materials have evolved into novelties that allow your clients to tangibly interact with your brand.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to treat your clients to experience your brand in its entirety.

We Design Brochures

Wouldn’t you love to tell your background, mission, and things that make you, you, to everyone? A brochure allows you to be telling that story to potentially hundreds – even thousands – of people at any given time.  Consider your brochure your physical elevator pitch, there to explain what you do in 5 minutes or less to anyone that picks it up. It’s succinct; not confusing – but leaves the client wanting more.

Turn to Project LTD for your hand-deliveries: because it’s not just digital!

Additional Printed Collateral to have in Your Media Toolbox

Project LTD will craft print pieces that appeal to your target audience using visuals, copy, and innovative designs to deliver your message in the form of:

  • Flyers & Inserts
  • Invitations
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Branded Thank-You Cards
  • Professional Letterhead

Print Design Work