Social Media Management

In a world where phones are literally glued to our hands, social media marketing has become more relevant than ever, building prospects and brand identity faster than traditional marketing.

Project LTD establishes, and manages, an effective social media marketing campaign so that you can hold a relevant social presence with your current client base as you build more prospects; we determine the optimal content that will engage your target potential clients the most by determining what type of posts will speak to them: entertainment, informational, inspirational, conversational, and more.

In managing your social media, Project LTD will:

– monitor the trends related to your industry and update your posts accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about knowing what hashtag to use or what ever-changing trend is next

– identify relevant social platforms for your target audience

– establish a social campaign that supports your overall goals, objectives, and KPIs

– persistently monitor and moderate comments and feedback on your social sites

– establish a posting calendar that ensures optimal timing of your posts

Increase Awareness

A special thank you to our friends at Detroit Lake, Oregon for trusting us with the branding and management of your event marketing.  Together we have been able to grow this annual event steadily year after year.    

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